Family Fun for 5 Bucks

Tanya took the kids shopping yesterday… it was hot… the first hot day of the season…they wanted to purchase some things for summer.  Anna even busted open her piggy bank.  She picked up some things of her own… girly things… like summertime Barbie with the pool and everything.  Mommy has a soft spot for her son… he wanted a slip-n-slide… so she bought it… for a whoppin’ $5.

Today was the first day that Tanya was off from school and I was off from work… so we busted that ol’ Slip-N-Slide out… after I went to pick up a new water hose because we can’t get the nozzle off the one we have hooked up… that was $15.  So… for $20 total… our family had the most fun we’ve had in a long time… now if only we can find a hill close to a water supply to hook the hose up to.  If you know where to find one… please… let me know.  Even Daddy got in on the action…

 Yup… that’s me.  If you have an extra 5 bucks and you are looking for some good clean family fun… go pick you up a water slide… it’s worth it.

What cheap family fun ideas do you have to share with us?

Family Fun for 5 Bucks

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