Everyday Sunday… Drive

I don’t know this old man… but I know someone like him… well… kinda.  Allow me to explain.  On my route to work… I have these 3 old guys… always drive the same speed… always sit in the same seats in the car… their speed never exceeds 20 MPH.  I love these guys… I don’t know who they are… but I love them.  One reason I love them… whatever they’ve got… I want some of it.

They are obviously never in a hurry.  It’s crazy… these guys can be driving in a different car on a different road on a different day.. and I still know it’s them.  If you are ever driving north on S. College in Salem around 7:55 AM and 8:05 AM any day of the week… you are very likely to have an encounter with my buddies.  I have yet to come up with a name for them… if you have any ideas let me know.  I like to call their car the Old Timer Time Machine.   But the other day… I saw them in a different car.  It didn’t go over 20 either. Usually they drive a silver Crown Victoria… be on the look out.

This morning… I got to the intersection of Kell and S. College… I looked across from me… there they were… my buddies… they turned before I did… I screamed… NOOO!!!  I knew I wasn’t going to get over 20… and may be late for work.  It’s okay… I bet it takes these guys 2 months to get through a tank of gas… and with these gas prices… I’ll do whatever I can to save mileage… but then again… not today.  I passed them.  Never going over the speed limit which was 30 MPH.  Seriously… look up Sunday Drive in the dictionary and you will find a picture of these guys only with the caption Every Day is Sunday.

One of these days… I will follow these guys… and take their picture… and post it for all you Procrastinators to see.  With their permission of course.  These guys are my heroes.  I want to live a care free life like they do.  No rush. No hurry.  Just me and my pals headed to Casey’s for coffee.  Then… who knows what the day will bring… but whatever it does… I won’t be in a hurry to get there.

These guys teach me something every time I see them.  I think every time it’s different.  Today… it was that I want that!!!  I want to be care free.  Usually it’s slow down and don’t be in such a hurry… if I run into them tomorrow… I am sure… my lesson will be something different.

I hope that when other people see me… they say… “I want that”.

If you ever see my buddies around town… please… share with us what they teach you.  It really does bless the soul.  If it doesn’t bless yours… somethings wrong.  Then again… I guess it matters on how much in a hurry you are to get where you are going.

Do you have someone in your life that teaches you something every time you see them?  You may know them well… you may not know them at all… but you do know this… their wisdom is abundant.

What qualities in your life to you try to exercise daily that make people say… “I want that”?

Everyday Sunday… Drive

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