Never Settle

Portland Skyline from South Portland, Maine

I’m dusting off the ol’ blog again today…
this time I’m using it to promote Refuge…
Refuge is my dream… so that’s what I want to promote.
But in reality… there’s a bigger picture here… this post is
to promote dreaming.

Not just my dream… your dream… our dream.
If you breath… you dream.
We were created as dreamers.
Erwin McManus said, “Our imagination is God’s playground.”
How cool is that!?!?!

It’s been so long since I have written a blog post…
I realize that some of you may not be aware of the recent events in my life.
My family and I have decided to chase a dream… a dream that we’ve had
for a long time… a dream to start a church… a church in New England.

My wife is from New England… and we’ve always known that there is a huge
need in New England for churches… so we’ve always said…
“Maybe someday God would use us start a church there.”

Well… over the past 4 and a half years I have worked for a church that has
taught me to dream… and to chase those dreams until they become a reality.
Our pastor, Mark Shell knew what it meant to receive a dream from God and
chase it until it became real.
He taught me to never settle for my dreams to remain dreams and he inspired others
to get on board and support those dreams.

A little over two years ago our pastor received news he had cancer.
In March of this year, he went home to be with Jesus…
but he left behind a legacy of dreaming… and I will not let that legacy die.

It’s time for my family and I to chase this dream of starting a church.
It’s time to see if I can inspire other to get on board with our dream the
way Pastor Mark Shell did.
It’s time to not settle.
It’s time to bring Refuge to an area that desperately needs it.

The name of our church is The Refuge.
We will be launching in Portland, Maine in September of 2016.
In February 2015, GALLUP listed Maine as third on a list states with
the lowest church attendance.
Not that church is the answer… but that Jesus and His Body is… we want
to show Portland what we believe Jesus would look like if he were here today.

We cannot do this without help.

We have an amazing friend named Justin Williams
that has decided to chase this dream with us.
We have other friends that are praying about it.
We need people… we need a team…
so if you live in Portland, ME or if you live in another area
of the country… Please consider praying about joining our team.

The other way that you can get on board is by giving.
We are launching with an organization called ARC…
they will match every dollar that we raise up to $50,000
which will give us $100,000 but even that
will not be enough to get us started.
Dreaming is expensive!!!

There are 3 ways that you can give today…

Giving Slide

And just in case you don’t want to type that out… just click here to give.

So what about you?
What is your dream?

What conscious decisions are making today to equip you to witness
that dream become a reality?

You can do it… all  you have to do is RUN!

Never Settle

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