The Price of Forever


Forever… it loses all of it’s meaning with just the removal of three letters.
Unfortunately in today’s culture forever seems to turn into “over” more often than not.
This past Sunday in my student ministry I took a quick poll with our students…
“How many of you have parents that are split up?”
Way more than half raised their hands.
Forever is just not “normal” these days… whatever “normal” is.

My wife and I celebrate 10 years of marriage today.
In searching for the perfect thing to say about today here is what I found…
‘“When forever becomes a place…when forever ceases to be just a word… when it ceases to be just a measurement of time…but instead becomes a place where soul mates can dance to the song in their hearts… that is a reflection of true love.”
― Steve Maraboli

Forever is a dance.
A dance that can be interrupted by no one.
A dance to the song of the heart.
A dance that lasts for eternity.

But in a world where eternity seems impossible
and divorce is natural…
forever just doesn’t seem feasible…
so what do we do with forever?

Let me suggest that we look to the only One that has truly knows what forever is.
In the Bible there is a story about forever.
It begins with a marriage… a marriage between a man and a prostitute.
The prostitute just cannot seem to escape her lifestyle.
Night after night she leaves her husband to return to the streets
until one night she ends up on the auction block.
As she stands there naked and used up…
men are shouting obscenities at her…
placing bids for a one night stand.
One man shouted a price that no one would dream of paying…
the price of forever.
It was her husband… Hosea.
He bought something that already belonged to him…
she was his forever.

The story of forever is our story.
Our story with a God that loves us in spite of our unfaithfulness to Him.
A God that was willing to pay a price that no one else would be willing to pay…
the price of forever.

Forever was bought with sacrifice.
Forever was bought with blood.
Forever was bought with love.

In a world that seems to have lost it’s forever…
it’s so important that we hold onto ours…
and as you hold on to your forever…
it’s been paid for.

Don’t procrastinate holding on to forever.

The Price of Forever

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