Yelling At the Radio


Today is Ash Wednesday…
A day that I feel often gets over looked by my Protestant brother and sisters.
It’s a Catholic tradition.

I’m probably the furthest thing from a Catholic.
I’ve never been to mass…
I haven’t really even done a ton of study on the Catholic church.
However… there have been a few times that I have enjoyed listening to Catholic Radio.
I blame my dad for that… on long car rides growing up he always listened to talk radio.
For him it was Rush Limbaugh… for me… it’s Catholic radio.

Okay… so in reality I have only listened to Catholic radio twice.
This last time… I learned some and probably yelled at the radio some.
That’s what I do when I disagree with something being said on Talk Radio…
although I don’t think I learned that from my dad…
I think that is a result of having only St.Louis sports radio where I live.

I was listening to a call in show where a priest that was really smart answered questions.
One caller called in and asked about salvation and the Protestant translation of
John 3:16.
He asked about the belief that faith saves you…
Catholics believe that it is faith plus works that save you.
The priest accused Protestants of “proof-texting” with John 3:16.
I guess he completely missed Ephesians 2:8-9.
Which is probably when I yelled at the radio.
My issue though was not with the accusation.
My issue was what the caller had said prior to the question…
“I consider myself a moderate Catholic.”
If “moderate” means average… I take that as… doing enough to get by.
Now… trust me… I’ve seen PLENTY of “moderate Protestants”.
But if I really believed that I was saved by the things that I did…
I’m pretty sure that I would make sure I was more than average.
But the priest didn’t seem to care about average…
he was more concerned about being right.
Unfortunately this is something all religious people seem concerned with…
but what we need to be concerned with is being made right… right with God…
which brings me back to Ash Wednesday.

The reason I like Ash Wednesday is because it is day that begins a “Holy Season”.
It’s a day of confession.
A day to say.. “This is what I am going to do to get things right.”
Now… I believe that in all of my efforts I can never do enough to make things right.
It’s only by the death… burial… and resurrection of Jesus that I am made right with God.
However… when it comes to my repentance… the turning away from my sins… the stopping what I am doing that separates me from God… that is something that I have to respond to by God’s grace.

I don’t want to just ignore Ash Wednesday.
I want it to remind me of my call to repentance…
because that is something that I cannot afford to procrastinate.

Yelling At the Radio

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