Unplanned Adventures

Yesterday morning I decided to have a little adventure.
Well… maybe I should say an unplanned adventure.
Have you ever had one of those?
Unplanned Adventures?
You know… those unplanned adventures like searching
for your missing shoe when you had to be out the door for that
appointment 5 minutes ago.
THOSE unplanned adventures.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get a picture of my
unplanned adventure…

You can’t see it in the top photo…
but my car is running…
and yes the car is locked.
That was my unplanned adventure.
But really… that’s only the beginning.

Naturally… we discovered that I had locked the keys in my running car
about 5 minutes past the time we should have left in order for the kids
to get to school on time.
My son who is a lot more like his left handed… type “A” personality…
obsessive compulsive… beautiful mother than he is his dad…
started to freak out… “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!”

Yes… yes son… we are gonna be late.  But it’s okay…
I’ll figure something out… go inside and get warm.
After they went inside I decided to do what I normally do when unplanned
adventures arise… “TANYA!!!!!!”
Yeah… remember that “left handed… type “A” personality…
obsessive compulsive… beautiful mother”… she’s my go to!
God really balanced me out with her.

I sent her a text at work (a doctor’s office)…
She called, “YOU DID WHAT?!?!!”
Okay… it really wasn’t like that at all.
In her calm voice she said… call our friend, Liz.
See if she can pick up the kids.
Just get the kids to school.
Oh… and call the school and make sure you tell them
our kids are going to be tardy.
So I called Liz… and the school.
Liz is a great friend!  She’s definitely
come through in a pinch on a number of things in our life.
Everyone needs a friend like Liz!
However this day… (long story short) she was tied up.
But I didn’t panic… I called my work (a church… in case you have forgotten).
I spoke with my wonderful co-worker Stephanie… she’s our children’s minister…
and she’s great at everything she does!

Stephanie agreed to pick up my kids and take them to school.
Then I called the school and told them Anna and Graham were going
to be late and I think I said something like…
“If you’re gonna be late for school… it may as well because of an  adventure.”

The kids got to school and didn’t get in trouble…
and my beautiful wife came to my rescue.
She brought our spare keys to the house and unlocked my car.

But shortly after the kids left…
Anna’s iPod started quacking.
She had a text from my sister’s husband, Troy.
Here is what it looked like…

The… “Did she text everyone?”
Was my response.
Then my wife got home and said…
hey, check this out…


The Emoji use was impeccable for an 8 soon to be 9 year old.
I didn’t know if I should cry from pride or cry from sadness.

When I got back to the office and Stephanie returned from her
heroic mission of school delivery… she informed me of Anna’s
words on her way to school…
“I text everyone… well except for Daddy and Bubba because they
were already there.”

Yes… she did tell everyone!
Thank goodness it’s only family she has contact with on iMessage.

These unplanned adventures always remind me of one thing…
how much more God knows than I know.
Many people would blame God for something like this.
Not me.
God didn’t lock my keys in my car.
I did.  That was my bonehead mistake… not God’s.

Isaiah 55:9 says this… “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

I’m so glad that God knows so much more than I do…
and I’m so glad my life is in His hands… not my own.

Unplanned Adventures

One thought on “Unplanned Adventures

  1. Patty Hiltibidal says:

    LOL Adam. When I got home from church Sunday I locked my keys in my Jeep. The cup of ice cream was beginning to melt. A neighbor has one of those tools so an hour later it was unlocked.
    Patty Hiltibidal

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