“Let’s Shatter The Silence”


The notification from my USA Today App on my iPhone read…
“Actor Robin Williams 63 years old dies.”
I said… “NO!”
But really… that was only the beginning of the grief.

There are different levels of grief…
and because of that I hesitate even using the word.
I grieve for the death of Robin Williams…
but I grieve nothing like his daughter is grieving.

As if the news of his death wasn’t shocking enough…
even more shocking was the cause.
An apparent suicide.
But he had so much!
He was so funny!
He could grow an amazing beard!!!
How could someone like Robin Williams be so depressed?

I thought about that… a lot.
Then I remembered a TEDx Talk that I recently watched
by 19 year old comedian Kevin Breel.
It’s brilliant…
and sometimes bloggers just need to shut up and let someone else
say what they are wanting to say because they can say it so much better.

So here it is… Kevin Breel’s TEDx Talk…

People need people.
You are not alone!
Let’s stop procrastinating when it comes to depression…
and let’s shatter the silence.


“Let’s Shatter The Silence”

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