Difficult Conversations

I recently had the privilege of going on a field trip
with Anna and her second grade class.
We had an amazing time.
Toward the end of the field trip she wanted to go to the souvenir shop.
I told her she could get anything she wanted
as long as she paid me for it when we got home.
When Anna asked me if she could purchase a box of mints that cost $4…
my first reaction was… “NO, that’s absurd.”
But I remembered my words… “whatever she wanted”…
so I started to say… “sure you can buy them”…
and then I noticed the front of the box…

“Ouija” was the word at the top of the tin can…
The picture on the can was a replica ouija board.
That’s when I realized…
This could be difficult conversation…
and it’s in the middle of a souvenir shop.

So I said… “Anna, I need to tell you something about those mints.
You can’t get them and the reason is because of what’s on the box.
You see the box has a picture of something called a ouija board on it.
Some people think that you can use ouija boards to talk to dead people.”

Her eyes got real big.
I said “Do you think that’s something you should get?”
She said, “No.  It’s okay, Dad. I won’t get them.”
Then she was off looking for another souvenir…
and of course settled on another stuffed animal.

Proverbs 22:6 says…
Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Training up a child means having the tough conversations…
and trust me…
I know that the conversations will only get more difficult…
much more difficult.
So for now… I will cherish the easy conversations about ouija boards.

Don’t procrastinate the difficult conversations with your kids…
they will eventually have them with someone…
it may as well be you.

What is the most difficult conversation that you have ever had to have
with child or with a parent?

Difficult Conversations

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