Hunting for Treasure

photo1When you have kids…
God teaches you lessons through them every day.
This past Saturday was no different at the Herald house.

The above picture is of a box that was found in my son, Graham’s room.
My wife came out of his room holding a cookie and said…
“I just found this in your son’s room.”
You always know she means business when Graham is solely “your son”.
But that was only the beginning.

Actually… the beginning was the day before… Friday.
Graham had an emotional meltdown because his sister…
Anna had eaten all the Fruit by the Foot… that had been purchased 2 days prior.
Graham had only had 1… to our estimation (at this point)… Anna had 4.
I flipped out on Anna… all while Tanya was walking in the door from a long day at work.

Now… back to Saturday.
I said to Tanya… “where was that cookie?”.
That is when she pulled out the “treasure box” out of Graham’s closet…
that is when we found the loot pictured above…
including the very last Fruit by the Foot.

When we first discovered this planted treasure…
it was like a puzzle that our kids had put together and Mom and Dad
were trying to decipher the hidden message.

It really didn’t take long once we saw all the pieces together…
The box.
The paper with a big red “X” on it.
The candy a.k.a. LOOT.

Then I said… Anna had said something about a treasure hunt yesterday…
but I didn’t follow what she was saying.
I wasn’t paying attention.

There is so much in this story that reminded me of my relationship with God.
First of all…
I am never found guilty… I’m found forgiven.
I put the hammer down on Anna… because I thought she had eat 4 Fruit by the Foots.
I found her guilty.
I should not have been so quick to judge her.

I cannot hide anything from my Creator.
He knows my thoughts… He knows my actions… He even knows my intentions.
The Bible puts it like this…
Numbers 32:23
But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the LORD,
and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.

My kids were playing an innocent… well intended game of Treasure Hunt.
It took us awhile to discover what was going on…
but eventually we realized not only had Anna not have 4 Fruit by the Foot…
but that she was pretty darn good treasure hider.

Thirdly… sometimes finding what you are looking for takes time…
and sometimes… other people find it before you do…
and when they find it… they have the obligation to share it.
Once Tanya and I found this treasure…
we had to share with the kids what we had found.
They needed to know!
They needed to know that I had judged too quickly…
they needed to know that Anna was GREAT at hiding treasure…
they needed to know that what Graham had been looking for had been found!

And finally…
God ALWAYS pays attention to us…
He always follows what we are saying…
even before we say it.

Don’t procrastinate sharing what you have found!  Share it!
Procrastinate judgement.  You’ll have more friends that way…
and remember… God always hears what you say.
Don’t Procrastinate casting your cares on Him.

What was your favorite childhood game that you played as a child?

Hunting for Treasure

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