J’s On My Feet


Yesterday I had the privilege to speak in church.
Out of all the things that I do in my position as a minister…
it’s my favorite thing to do.
I don’t get to speak (preach) often.
But when I do… I try to make the most of it.
I don’t take it lightly.

I’m kind weird when it comes to speaking…
I’m a little bit of old school…
mixed with a bit of new school.

There is a lot of thought that goes into what I do when I preach.
From what I say… obviously.
To what illustrations I use.
Even to what I wear.
I want everything that I say and do in a sermon to motivate people to realize
that change isn’t all that bad.

I realized all of this as I prepared the sermon that I delivered yesterday.
But I would like to share with you how that came about and
why I prefer wearing Jordan’s when I speak instead of Kenneth Cole’s.

I took the advice of a rapper that I used to listen to in high school… Ja Rule.
Here is his testimony…

Ja Rule said that He came to Christ when all three components were there.
He felt comfortable…
He felt like God was speaking to him…
and he was moved.

I realize that someone can experience those three components if I’m not rocking J’s…
but every little bit helps.
My friend Phoenix’s reaction (a junior high student in our ministry) says it all…
he walked into church yesterday and said to his friend, Vy’Shon…
“I know he ain’t rocking dem J’s!!!”.
For those of you that are scratching your head as to what that means…
that’s a good thing… it means he liked them…
but he was surprised… kinda like Ja Rule was.

It all boils down to making people feel welcome…
welcome to your message…
welcome to the Gospel…
welcome to changing their life.

That’s why I prefer J’s on my feet…
plus… they look pretty awesome!

What do you look for in a church when it comes to making you feel welcome?

J’s On My Feet

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