His Voice Makes All the Difference

I have a love / hate relationship with my mornings.
They’re very eventful.
This has been a recent development in my life…
it hasn’t always been so.
I think it all changed when both of my kids started going to school.

My wife leaves for work before we leave for school / work.
Usually things get a lot more eventful after mom leaves.
This was the case this morning.

We were about to leave and Anna comes to me and says…
“Dad… Graham is trying to take his basketball to school.  He put it in his backpack.”
Graham still does not know she did this… nor will he ever.
I said okay… then walked into the kitchen… and saw this…


I said…  “Graham… why is your bag so big?”
“Your lunchbox doesn’t even fit in it and it fit in there yesterday.”
Then He gave me THAT look….
You know THAT look… the one where he bats his big eyelashes and says with his eyes…
“I know I’m too cute for you for you to do anything about it.”

So I told him to unzip his bag…
Eventually he did…
and this is what I saw…


As I looked inside… he began to cry.
I then sat my son on my lap.
He knew I didn’t like what I saw.
He knew that there would be consequences for his hiding.
But when I spoke…
things changed.

I spoke quietly.

I asked him if he was allowed to take basketballs to school.
He said… yes. This was news to me.
So I looked him in the eyes and said…
“Heres what I will do… I will allow you to take your ball to school… however…
as soon as we get there… I am walking inside to speak to your teacher…
and make sure that it is okay for you to have it. Deal?”
He said deal…
and his whole demeanor changed to this…

photo3When we got to the school…
I went in and spoke with an after school care worker…
I asked if he was allowed to have the ball at after care…
She said…
“I’m not sure what the rule is… but since you came to me and asked… I’ll allow it.”
So I told Graham that he could keep the ball at school but he had to share it with his pals.
And all was well with the world again.

Once I had children I knew my perspective of my Heavenly Father would be transformed…
and it certainly has.

This entire story reminded me this morning of my relationship with Him.
How many times have I tried to hide my obvious sins from Him?
How many times have their been consequences for my hiding?
How many times has He responded with His love and grace?
How many times has everything changed when I just listened to His voice?

His voice makes all the difference… it’s the only voice I need to listen to.
It’s the only voice that matters.

Today… don’t procrastinate listening to God’s quiet whisper.
His voice is the only one that matters… and it makes all the difference.

Why do you think it is so difficult for us to listen to God’s voice?

His Voice Makes All the Difference

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