photo1-2I post this with a risk.
Then again… I write a blog with a risk.
That risk is the risk of sounding narcissistic.
That is NOT my intention…
but unfortunately I am all I got.
I write stories about myself because I have a story to tell…
you have a story to tell as well…
I just so happen to choose to post mine on the internet for the world to see.

This past week my wife and I got on our old Myspace accounts.
You read that right… Myspace.
One of the things we found amusing were the pictures.
You see… Myspace came out shortly after my wife and I got married…
so these pictures were of our early years…
pregnant pictures when Tanya was pregnant with Anna…
and when Adam ate like he was pregnant with Anna.
I call these my chunky years.
Chunky is putting it lightly.
I was large!!!
The heaviest that I remember reading the scale to say was “263 lbs”.
Fact of the matter is… I was probably even bigger than that…
but I was too ashamed to get on the scale.

I like to call the picture above “No Neck and Neck”
I can laugh at it now….
because I have been on a transformation journey for the past 8 years now.
Transforming my outward appearance… for all to see… and you know what?
I think I have a right to be proud of that… I earned it… it’s hard work.
Everyone that has ever felt insecure about their weight
and has tried to do something about it knows what I am talking about.

I love #TransformationTuesdays because I get to see progress.
Progress in everyone proud of who they have become.
But the downside of #TransformationTuesday is that there are people
out there that are still struggling with who they have become.
If that is you… I want you to know… that yes… the journey sucks…
but the journey is what makes you who are…
it’s not the mirror…
it’s not the names people call you…
it’s not your depression…
it’s not even your insecurity.

Your journey matters.
Even when your journey is difficult.
Especially when your journey is difficult.
Your journey matters.

The Scriptures actually remind us of this journey we are all on…
this journey to become something.

2 Corinthians 5:17

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.
The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Our new journey begins when we fully embrace who Jesus Christ is as our Savior.
That is when we truly begin to become something new.
The fact of the matter is… that Jesus has a desire for every human being on the planet to
discover this new us… also known as transformation.

I rejoice on #TransformationTuesdays because I love the progress that I have made.
Not only physically… but spiritually as well.
God works in my life every day to form me in who He wants me to become.

Today… allow this #TransformationTuesday to remind you to enjoy the journey…
and become who God created you to be… His masterpiece. 

What are some things that you do to take time and enjoy the journey?


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