Live Well


The picture above is one that I took.
I took it when I was on my way home from the gym one morning.
The sunrise was incredible.
It gave me hope.
Hope that the day would be great.

I love this photo so much that I set it as my background on my phone.
It reminds me…
that everyday I have hope…
hope that the day will be great…
because everyday begins with a beautiful sunrise.
Some days that sunrise is a little more difficult to see than others…
but even when you can’t see it in it’s full beauty…
it’s still there.

This past weekend my wife and I took a trip to Nashville, TN.
We loved Nashville.
We loved seeing the sights…
we loved the food…
we love the little boutiques.
On Saturday morning we went to this pancake place that we were told
was a Nashville must… it’s called The Pancake Pantry.
These sweet potato pancakes…


were amazing!
It was worth the line that we had to stand in to get inside….

We waited about 20 minutes to get in…
but when we left…
the line had doubled in size.
We were thankful.

With our bellies full…
we had some time to kill…
so we walked into a boutique next door.
It was just a typical boutique…
but it was filled with inspiration.
Most of it came from quotes that were plastered all over
the merchandise they were selling.
So I took notes because I’m too cheap to buy merchandise
with inspirational quotes on them.

Here was my favorite quote that I wrote down…
“Yesterday is but a dream,
tomorrow is but a vision.
But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to This Day.”

It reminded me of Procrastinating Tomorrow.
This quote is a Sanskrit Proverb.
I had no idea what Sanskrit was…
but I know that I liked this proverb.
Come to find out Sanskrit is simply a language out of India.

This “proverb” reminds me when we live for today…
it begins with a vision…
a vision that will make to most of the day.
Then yesterday becomes a dream of happiness…
we have that vision turns into hope for tomorrow.
It reminds me to live well everyday.

Kinda like Romans 13:13a
“Because we belong to the day,
we must live decent lives for all to see.”

This is an everyday thing.
When we live decent lives for all to see…
yesterday is much happier…
and tomorrow is much more hopeful.

As you live today…
live well…
so that tomorrow… today will have been a memory of happiness.
As you anticipate tomorrow… may it be full of hope…
for tomorrow is another opportunity to live well.

Don’t procrastinate living well… for the world to see.

What does “living well” mean to you?

Live Well

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