A Healthy Image

photo-7Wow… I was big.
By big… I mean a tad bit heavy.
At my highest weight I reached 263 lbs…
that was 8 years ago.
Today… I’m 50 lbs lighter… and I feel so much better.

This post is not about my weight loss journey…
because that has been a roller coaster that no one would want to ride…
but it is about image.
What is a “healthy image”?
What image does God want us to have?

I’ve come a long way in my journey to a healthier life.
Just 10 weeks ago… I decided to get my act together… again.
If your health journey is anything like mine…
it’s an on again off again relationship.
But this time… I had help… the help of some caring friends… to join me.
I believe because I have community in this… this time is different.

This time around… I have decided not to weigh myself every week.
In fact… I barely weigh myself every month.
Instead I take photos.
Photos help me see change… visible change.
A few weeks ago I post this photo to Instagram…
photo-6 copy

Blinding… I know.
Sorry about that.
However… I hope that you can find encouragement in this.
The results in that picture only took 9 weeks.
That is not that long… but it was work.

In posting this picture I received some very encouraging comments…
but I also received some comments that weren’t so encouraging.
Anytime you post a topless picture of yourself… that is to be expected.

One of my friends shared an interesting blog post
with me that was praising “Fat Pastors”.
While I understand what Jared C. Wilson…
whom I know nothing about…
is coming from… I do not fully agree.
Here is a little bit of what he says:

“In the age of Pastor Fashion and sermons forbidding the eating of pork 
in service of the gospel of weight loss —
I mean, does anything scream “Judaizer” more loudly than preaching the dietary law?
except maybe actually preaching circumcision —
don’t the pastors who don’t care about their image,
their profile, their reputation seem more dignified?”


“The pursuit of the appearance of having it all together is not new.
We might have the most advanced whitewash, but you can’t really improve a tomb.”

Improve a tomb!?!?
I may not be able to improve it…
but I am able to do things to put off making my tomb my home.
Am I in control of when I leave this life?
No… but being healthy does help it last longer.

Am I advocating pastor’s preach about health and fitness?  No.
Am I advocating that pastor’s have make-up chairs on Sunday mornings?
Of course not.
But I’m not advocating that a fat pastor cares more for his flock
than a fit pastor does either.

It’s healthy to care about your body… physically… and even spiritually.
While men look at the outside and God looks at our heart… – 1 Samuel 16:7.
I think God knows if our heart is about our image… or our health… they are different.

As Jared C. Wilson mentions in his blog post…
don’t worship your image… that is NOT healthy.
Just worship the One that created you…
after all… that’s what He really wants.

Don’t procrastinate taking care of yourself.
You’re worth it.
Your family is worth it.

Do you consider yourself “health conscience”?
What are some things you do to stay healthy?

A Healthy Image

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