Beyond Our Imperfections

My wife and I are not like most couples when it comes to “household chores”.
The main reason for this is the simple fact that she is handier than I am.
She knows if she wants it done right… she is gonna have to do it.
I help… I just don’t lead in our “projects”.

I make up for it in other ways…
I’ve been known to do a load of laundry or six on a day off.
I unload the dishwasher… take out the trash… and cook on occasion.
All of this makes up for my lack of handiness in our marriage.

I’m okay with it.
She’s okay with it.
And it really doesn’t matter what you think about it…
because it works for us.

On occasion… I have to give some support.
There are some projects where Tanya would be the first to admit
that she has bitten off more than she can chew.
Recently… she put up some crown molding in our kitchen
well her and her dad who happened to be visting for Christmas.
For our big projects… we usually call him in.

During the crown molding project… we hit an angle that had everyone stumped…
which is when we took advantage of a friendly contractor in our church.
He had it figured out in 12 minutes.

Tanya’s new project is the black splash in the kitchen.
She is putting up “subway tile”… and it looks awesome.

The other night my wife made a confession.
She said… “sometimes when I look at my projects… all I see are my imperfections.”
These are the moments that my support becomes vital.
However this confession was different…
she went on…
“But when I see my imperfections… it just reminds me of how great God is…
that when He looks at me… He doesn’t see the same imperfections that I see.”

She nailed it.
When God looks at us…
He sees His son… who by His sacrifice has made us perfect in God’s eyes.

Hebrews 10 puts it like this…
“It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person
to perfect some very imperfect people.

By that single offering, he did everything
that needed to be done for everyone

who takes part in the purifying process.”

We do not have to be perfect… because Christ already has been.
In His perfection… He perfects us.
That is good news.

The world has a bad habit of dwelling on imperfections.
Check out this commercial with Seattle Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman…
and get a glimpse at how I wish we all could see our imperfections…

If Derrick Coleman saw his imperfection as a road block…
he would not be lead blocking for running backs to score touchdowns.
When we look at our imperfections…
we must see past them.

Don’t procrastinate seeing past your imperfections.
You are a masterpiece.

And don’t procrastinate checking out all my wife’s project’s on her blog
she’s a lot better at than I am.

Why do you think it’s so difficult for us to see past our own imperfections?

Beyond Our Imperfections

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