What my Down Syndrome friend taught me about Christmas

Meet my friend Blake….

IMG_0453This kid has a heart of gold.
If you have ever known someone with Downs Syndrome…
you know exactly what I mean.
Blake would literally give the shirt off his back to a total stranger.

I don’t generally like to talk about my student ministry on my blog.
I’m not really sure why…
I just don’t.

Last night we celebrated Christmas together.
We had a blast playing Christmas games and eating Christmas food together.

Since we were celebrating Christmas…
many of our students brought my wife and I gifts.
It was awesome to see their hearts in the gifts they gave.

Blake gave me a small bottle of Nautica cologne.
He likes to smell good and he knows I like to smell good too.

Shortly after I opened his gift we snapped this photo.
Then this happened…

IMG_0454Photo op stolen.
It was hilarious.
Welcome to student ministry.

After talking with Blake’s mom…
she informed me that he originally wanted to buy me a $75 bottle of cologne.
Not only that… but he wanted to buy something for everyone in our ministry.

Blake has taught me so much since I became his youth pastor about 4 years ago.
He’s taught me about innocence…
He’s taught me about purity…
He’s taught me about passion…
He’s taught me how to throw the toughest rock fist around…
and just last night he taught me about giving.

Blake didn’t want to buy my love…
he knows he has that already.
Blake wanted to give because of his love for me.
He wanted to give to everyone out of his love for them.
Blake really does love everyone.
Just look at his face…

IMG_0456and those jacks…
and even though he is rockin that Santa Clause shirt…
his giving puts Santa Clause to shame…
because he knows how to give from his heart.

This Christmas… no matter what you give… give it from the heart… like Blake.
That’s what Christmas is all about.

What is the favorite thing you have ever given as a Christmas gift?


What my Down Syndrome friend taught me about Christmas

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