Christmas Worship


Today is the last Sunday before Christmas.
December 22nd, 2013… just 3 days before the big day.

This morning… at churches all over the world… people went to worship…
most of them probably worshipped like it was Christmas.
I know that mine did.

As I looked around this morning…
I saw new faces.
I saw families…
worshipping together because it is Christmas time.
Christmas worship is a lot different than worshipping Christmas.
Christmas worship is what the tree wise men did that first Christmas night.
Worshipping Christmas is what consumerism in America would like for us to do…
I think there needs to be a balance of the two…
and that is one thing that this series of blog post has taught me…
even Christmas is about balance.

So this Christmas…
no matter where  you are…
no matter what you are doing…
please remember Christmas worship.

After all… that is what Christmas is all about.

What do you do at Christmas time to worship?

Does your church have a Christmas Eve service?
Feel free to plug it away!


Christmas Worship

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