Christmas Tradition


I’m not a traditionalist.
I really don’t like tradition much at all.
However… I can get down with some traditions at Christmas time.

When I married my wife we both brought Christmas traditions together.
That’s one of the beauties of marriage and Christmas.

Every year for Christmas my wife would get the same thing in her stocking…
an orange…
an apple…
and five pennies.
This was done to always remember the difficult times that her grandmother had growing up.
This is a tradition that we have carried on to our kids.

My family’s traditional wasn’t as meaningful… but it was meaningful to us.
Every year we would all receive a University of Michigan sweatshirt or some sort U of M gear.
My grandma Herald hooked us all up…
and to this very day… she says this will be the last year… but she hasn’t let us down yet.
Now she even buys for our spouses and children.
The University of Michigan is a big deal to us… even though none of us attended there.
But that is for another blog post.

Every year since my wife and I were married I have bought her some
sort of perfume for Christmas.
She thinks I buy it for her… but really its for me.
She will have to wait a few more days to see if this
tradition plays out this year or not.

The picture above was taken at an annual tradition in the town my parents live in…
it’s the Annual Christmas Parade in Olney, Illinois.
And of course…
everyone knows the parade is over when Santa Clause goes by.

Our traditions have brought us together.
Our traditions have been something that we were able merge together
to help us create a stronger marriage.
That’s what tradition can do… they can make us stronger.
However… traditions can also make us weaker.

In Mark chapter 7 Jesus is asked about traditions by the religious people…
so Jesus addresses those traditions.
Jesus basically tells them that they are ignoring God’s law in order
to follow their own traditions.
The Pharisees were controlled by their own traditions…
therefore their tradition paralyzed them.

We cannot be paralyzed in our traditions… we must be willing to change.
This is something Christmas reminds us all of…
but it should also remind us of how great traditions can be.

Every year my mom likes to make a birthday cake for Jesus…
yes… she is one of those Grandmas!
Every year we try to read the Christmas story from Luke 2 as a family.

These two traditions help us remember that Christmas isn’t about a great great grandma.
Christmas isn’t about the University of Michigan.
Christmas isn’t about smelling good… and it’s not about parades either.

Christmas is about Jesus.
He is what Christmas is all about.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

What is a Christmas tradition that you have changed?


Christmas Tradition

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