My Christmas Fail

Today… I failed.
This is my confession.

Once a month at my kids’ school they give an award…
the award goes to the student that exemplified Christ that month.
It’s called the P.R.O. award… People Respecting Others.

Every Friday my kids have chapel… they attend a Christian School.
I haven’t always loved Christian schools even though I did attended one
in my early years… and I even taught at one.
But is for another blog post.

Today… my son, Graham (Kindergarten) won the P.R.O. award for his class.


This school really is amazing!
They inform the parents in a letter sent in the mail that you kid
will be receiving the P.R.O. award…
so that you can be there to celebrate…
take pictures… and live that moment with your kid.
Seriously… I’ve been in chapels where family bring
their kid balloons for winning this thing.
It’s kind of a big deal.

This is where my fail comes in.
Fridays are my days off…
I try to attend chapel as often as I can…
but not every chapel.
Hey… I need some “me time” every once in awhile.

Well… since my son just so happened to receive this award in December…
on the last day before Christmas break…
on an early release day…
with only 4 shopping days left before Christmas…
his dad failed.

I’ll be honest…
I forgot that my kids even had chapel today…
let alone that Graham was getting an award.

When Graham got his certificate out of his Michael Jordan backpack…
I felt awful…
I felt like I was a horrible father…
I felt like I let him down.

Graham had been home for about 4 hours when he finally showed me his award.
He was pumped!
“Daddy… Daddy… look what else I got at school today!”
My heart literally sank.

So I confessed…
“Oh Graham… I’m so sorry…
I knew you were getting that today and I totally forgot!
I’m so sorry!”
Thank the good Lord… Graham is forgiving and really didn’t care.
He was more concerned about that Spider Man action figure he got in his gift swap!
Thank you Peter Parker!

Today I failed.
I felt a lot like Simon Peter I am sure.
I let someone down that I love deeply.

But in my confession…
I was met with fogiveness.

That’s exactly why Jesus came to this earth…
to show us that when we confess our failures…
he forgives our failures.

That’s what Christmas is all about.

If you have failed… please know… Jesus will forgive you.
That’s why He came in the first place.

When was the last time you felt like a failure?
Don’t stay in that moment… progress to confess… andĀ receive forgiveness.


My Christmas Fail

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