The Nativity

Google the word “nativity” and take a look at the images that come up.
There is always a wide variety.
I had plenty to choose from when I searched for the one above.
I chose it because of it’s simplicity… but I really wanted to use this one…

Batman on top is my favorite…
but not very accurate…
so I refrained… kinda.
But that’s pretty awesome, huh?

Growing up my mom always had a nativity.
She loved them.
My wife likes them…
but not like her mom… her mom loves them.
I think it may be a generational thing.
But I leave the decorating to my wife… so I wouldn’t know.

No matter what you think of nativities at this moment…
I hope this post will bring the scene of the nativity to life for all of us.

John 1:9-14
The Life-Light was the real thing:
Every person entering Life
    he brings into Light.
He was in the world,
the world was there through him,
and yet the world didn’t even notice.
He came to his own people,
    but they didn’t want him.
But whoever did want him,
who believed he was who he claimed
    and would do what he said,
He made to be their true selves,
    their child-of-God selves.
These are the God-begotten,
    not blood-begotten,
    not flesh-begotten,
    not sex-begotten.

14 The Word became flesh and blood,
    and moved into the neighborhood.
We saw the glory with our own eyes,
    the one-of-a-kind glory,
    like Father, like Son,
Generous inside and out,
    true from start to finish.

-The Message 

That day that Jesus became flesh…
that day of the nativity…
was the day that hope had a face.
It was the day that hope had a name.
It was the day that hope became physical…
hope became a reality.

Our rescue now had a scene…
the scene was the nativity…
but that is only the first part.
The first part of three.
The second part is the cross.
The third part is the resurrection.

But it all began in the lowest physical place possible…
a stable…
a modern day barn.
Where Jesus was laid… not in a crib or a bassinet… but a manger.
A manger that was used to feed animals.

Why did our hope… our salvation… first appear in the lowest of all places?
Would it really have been hope if it had happened in that inn?
Would it have been hope if it had happened in a hospital?
I don’t know… but I do know this… because Jesus who is my hope, my salvation,
first appeared in the lowest of all places…
He can relate to me… He can relate to you… He can relate to us.
I wasn’t born in a barn… I don’t know anyone that was… except for Jesus.
He was born there so that no matter how low it gets for us… He’s been there.
Our Hope went to the lowest of all places… to rescue us.

That’s what Christmas is all about.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Giving presents?

Please share… #TwelveDaysOfBlogging

The Nativity

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