American Christmas


This past Black Friday my wife and I went shopping.
We weren’t the crazy people that had to get there for the early discounts.
We were the ones that got there just in time to get a taste of the craziness…
but not an entire mouthful.

While we were shopping I saw this plate… and I wasn’t really sure how to take it.
All I could think of was what we have made of Christmas.
Of course I was already thinking this because it was Black Friday.
Every year on Black Friday or in the case of the past two years on Thanksgiving…
I think… how disgusting the consumerism of Christmas has become.
Every year it seems to get worse…
but when I am truly honest with myself I realize I am guilty.

About seven or eight years ago the church that I attended at the time
had a missionary from Burma, Republic of the Union of Myanmar come speak.
I will never forget what he said…
“Americans have dining rooms you don’t dine in… and living rooms you don’t live in.”

In the case of the picture above…
We spend $13 on a plate that we are going to use once a year…
and even then… it’s only going to hold cookies for what? 3? 4 hours tops?
Now… I realize that some people buy this plate and their kids will use it 5,000 times
in the course of 2 months… I get that…
but the thought of it being used as marketed for…
scares me.
We are very blessed to live in the United States of America…
no matter how “bad” it gets…
we will always be blessed to be Americans.
Because our “bad” is nowhere near the bad in places like Burma.

With blessing comes great responsibility.
We are blessed… to be a blessing.
But it’s not natural to be responsible with our blessing…
it’s natural to flaunt it… brag about it… and show it to the world.

To be responsible with our blessing is to share our blessing.
Sharing is not a natural thing…
don’t believe me?
All it would take to convince you is one trip to the local day care.

Every Christmas I like to look for ways to give.
It may be in little things that don’t cost a dime…
it may be in bigger things that do cost more than a dime.
But no matter what you do this Christmas…
let me challenge you…
look for ways to give.

That’s what Christmas is all about!

What is you favorite gift that you have ever GIVEN?

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American Christmas

2 thoughts on “American Christmas

  1. Mark says:

    Adam, I am really enjoying all of these Christmas blogs. Giving me new perspective and appreciation for what we have and how we handle it. And a richer understanding of the blessing and meaning of Christmas. I need these reminders at Christmas and throughout the year. Merry Christmas to you and the family. Mark

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