Anticipate Christmas


When was the last time you could not wait for something?
Every year… kids all over the world… anticipate Christmas.
Every year… adults all over the world… anticipate Christmas.
But the reason changes.

When I think about the anticipation of Christmas…
I think about the season that Christmas has become.
One of the things that makes Christmas one of the greatest
holidays is that Christmas is more than just one day…
Christmas is a season.

Every year… stores begin to put Christmas stuff out
earlier and earlier.
As soon as November 1st hits… boom…
put out the mistletoe… put out the Christmas trees…
hang up the stockings… because Santa Claus is coming to town.

I used to think this was a bit ridiculous…
but this year I have been given a new perspective.
This new perspective has come from realizing
what the people on that first Christmas were anticipating.

The people of Israel were anticipating a Savior.
They knew exactly what a Messiah would mean.

As a kid I couldn’t wait for Santa to arrive …
because he would come bringing gifts.

As an adult I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive…
because it will come bringing joy…

As I observe this shift in anticipation…
I think… I have a little more of an idea of what God feels like.
As He gives us gifts… gifts of grace… gifts of redemption…
gifts of mercy… we receive joy.

That is what Christmas is all about!

What was the last thing that you could not wait

When do you really start to anticipate Christmas?

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Anticipate Christmas

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