The Gift of A Choice

Warning… you will be in tears by the end of this post.
I’m sorry.
It’s just the way it is.
It’s not intentional… it’s just that what I have to share with you today is that good.
Besides… I promise… tears are can be a good thing!

Yesterday I introduced you to a very cool five year old named Claire.
Today… I want to introduce you to probably the strongest mom / family on the internet.
The Parkers.
Seriously… The Incredibles have nothing on the Parkers!

As I am sure you all know… tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.
The Parkers… lost a precious precious 5 year old named Emilie on that fateful December day.
I am going to let her mom, Alissa tell you their story…
but let me warn you… grab some tissue before hitting play.

“People ask, where was your God when this happened…
Why didn’t He stop it?  God allowed others to kill His Son,
He allows for us all to make our own choices, good and bad.
Because that’s the only way good can be in us,
is if we freely choose it above all else.”

Those will be the most powerful words I type in this entire #TwelveDaysOfBlogging series.
If only we could catch the validity to that truth!
Good is a choice!
Evil is a choice a choice too.

God does not force us to choose Him…
He allows us to choose Him…
and He allows us NOT to choose Him
because if He didn’t…
would it really be good?

Now… I realize the implications here.
Does this mean that we can force others to behave Godly?
Well… does God force us to behave Godly?
No… He doesn’t.
He wants us to choose Godly!

Does this mean that Christians should no longer vote with conviction?
Does this mean that Christians should no longer take a stand for what they believe is good?
Absolutely not, in my book!
Because when something is truly good… we want to share it… no matter how difficult it may be.
Just ask Alissa and Robbie Parker.

Another thing that Alissa said is this
There have been times where I felt like I HAD to hold on to the dark things,
like it was some responsibility I was supposed to carry.
But Emilie’s life was about color and joy, not about pain and suffering.”

When other people see darkness… see color!
When other people choose evil… choose good!

I thank God for Alissa and Robbie Parker for their courage…
their boldness…
and their hope!

Don’t forget to pray for the families of the 21 people that were killed on December 14, 2012.
And don’t procrastinate choosing Godly!

What does God want you to do with pain that you have experienced?
He has a purpose for it.
Dig deep today and discover it today!

Don’t forget to share by using the hashtag #TwelveDaysOfBlogging


The Gift of A Choice

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