Strength In Community

photo-6For the past 2 weeks this is what my mornings have looked like.
I wake up at 3:40 am so that I can get to my friend, Nate’s house by 4.
I call Nate my “poor man’s physical trainer”.
He’s studied fitness and has gotten into shape on his own…
he’s never taken a class on fitness… he knows it because he is passionate about it.

Our friend Mitch joins us… every morning at 4 am.
Are we crazy?
A little bit.
Do we love our families?
A ton.

Why 4 a.m?
One blogger that I have followed by the name of Jon Acuff… author of Stuff Christians Like,
I believe said this… “If you’re gonna be selfish… be selfish at 5 a.m.”
Except we’re selfish at 4 a.m… because we like to take things to another level.
Jon Acuff recently began promoting something called the 5 am club
because no one would join the club if it were called the 4 am club…
but we would… even if there were only 3 of us in it.

The 5 am club is an app that you can download on your phone and check in
one minute of the day…
5 am till 5:01 am…
at 5:01… it’s too late.

Why would someone start a 5 am club?
One of my favorite features is the feed of everyone that has checked in.
It says… “Adam is on a 2 day streak”… or “Adam has checked in”.

Its the same reason that I am able to go to bed a little earlier…
so that I can wake up at 3:40 am…
and go lift weights…
I don’t want to let my bros down…
and they don’t want to let me down either.
Hopefully the result is a better body…
so that I can run and exercise and play with my kids…
and my wife can have other ladies be jealous of her.

I’ve learned a lot at 4 am.
I’ve learned that the mind is the most powerful muscle in the body.
I’ve learned that you can do anything you put your mind to.
I’ve learned that every human being has something inside of them
that can turn “never” into “no doubt”.
I used to say… “I would never get up at 4 am to hit the gym”…
now… there is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow morning at 4 am…
I will be in the gym.
My bros… my little community… that I do not want to fail.
They make me stronger… literally.
They help give me confidence in myself…
because that’s what community does.

If you think you have community with a group of people…
ask yourself this…
do they give me confidence in myself…
or do they tear my confidence apart?
If the answer is the latter…
find a new community.

Community cannot be procrastinated…
we were created to live with each other…
because we need each other.

Where do you find your community?

When was the last time you accomplished something
that you said you would never do?

Strength In Community

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