Wild Things


You may not like the song.
You may not like the approach.
But the message… you should love.
It’s a message of hope… victory… acceptance.

In my student ministry we play a lot of Christian hip hop.
Andy Mineo is one of my favorites right now…
but the entire 116 Clique is solid.
Lyrics built on Scriptural truth and doctrine.
A few weeks ago I had a girl say to me…
“You guys play all this rap that doesn’t have any swear words in it!
Where do you find it?”
That’s why we play it!

I remember growing up and my parents telling me…
“You are who you hang out with”.
As a student minister… I completely understand that thought.
I love that my parents taught me that…
because I can see it my own kids even at their young ages.
I even teach them that concept… I just don’t say it like my parents did.
I hope that I balance it with the concept of the “Wild Things”…
so that as they get older… they learn to live where the “Wild Things” are.

When we moved to the town we live in we got different reactions…
one of the most popular was… “Why are you moving there?”
The answer… it’s where “Wild Things” are.
Albeit it’s really not that wild compared to a lot of other places…
but for Southern Illinois… it’s no paradise.

I think these lines from the song above sums it up…
“Some wanna be an earshot from the church bell
I wanna win souls, make gunshots in the worst hell
Telling ’em Christ became a curse for they sin with my words and my works
They won’t come in? I’m bringing church to them
Yeah, that’s why I live where I live”

Luke 15:1-2
Tax collectors and other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach.
2 This made the Pharisees and teachers of religious law complain that he was
associating with such sinful people—even eating with them!

I believe that Jesus was where wild things were.
But I also believe the “religious” judged him for that.
Let me give you some lyrics from verse two of “Wild Things”

“I talk about Jesus, all the Christians love me
I walk like Jesus now they wanna judge me, ain’t it funny?
I’m ducking stones thrown from the Pharisees
Gospel of Peace up on my feet like a pair of cleats
Walking with the Paraclete, that’s Greek for The Spirit
They say the wild things’ll eat you up
Who shall I fear when God is walking with me”

So my question to you today is this…
Which one are you?
The one that wants to live where “Wild Things” are?
Or the one that throws stones at those that live where the “Wild Things” are?

I hope that you don’t live in a comfortable place.
Living with the “Wild Things” isn’t always comfortable.
But when you live for today…
you make every moment to impact this world for Jesus…
not to be comfortable.

Andy Mineo’s album Heroes for Sale is available on iTunes.

Wild Things

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