Whatever happened to the School of Hard Knocks?


I get it.
The guy rockin the “Free Hugs” t-shirt is a bit of a creep.
But seriously… what happens when our kids are not allowed to hug each other?
What happens when the school is not even allowed to say, “Hugs not drugs”?

For those of you that have not heard… there is a school in Maryland (St.Mary’s County) that is saying…
No Hugs… No homemade food for any kids other than yours… and No Birthday Party invitations.
If you are one of those types that has to see it to believe it… Here you go.

I can understand the homemade food thing.
Too many kids are allergic to air.
Besides… people die from allergies.
But seriously… hugs and birthday parties?

The hugs rule is for adults that volunteer or visit there kids at school.
I can understand that to some extent.
My fear is that the school is setting themselves up for disaster.
What happens when a kid needs a hug from a teacher?
Because let’s be honest… some kids just need more hugs.

Here is the reason birthday invitations are no longer allowed…
“Birthday invitations should not be handed out at school, Hall said,
because students who are not invited could have their feelings
“Hall” is the school’s executive director, Kelly Hall. 

I wonder if Ms.Hall has thought about the day after the birthday party when all the attendees
are at school talking about how much fun they had.
Will they not be allowed to talk about the parties either?

Seriously… hurt feelings?
Is this really what our school system is trying to protecting our kids from?

As a parent here is one thing that I understand…
I cannot protect my kids from rejection.
They are going to have their feelings hurt…
and no matter how hard I try…
I cannot stop it from happening.

This was Jesus’ response…
John 15:17
17- This is my command: Love each other.
18- If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.

Jesus is speaking to those who believe here…
not to those that didn’t get a birthday invitation.
However… I believe we can make a quick connection.
The connection is a simple one… you will be hated… respond with love.

Procrastinate protecting your kids from rejection.
DO NOT procrastinate teaching them that they will be rejected…
and when they are…
bounce back up…
dust themselves off…
and love.

Do you try to protect your kids from rejection?
If so… how?

When was the last time you had your feelings hurt?
How did you respond?

When was the last time  someone responded with love after you hurt them?
What did they do to respond in love?

Whatever happened to the School of Hard Knocks?

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