IMG_1576This is what my weekend looked like.
It was a great weekend…
not because I moved…
but because it was a new beginning.

The picture above is a picture of my old house.
This was the packing process.
It was the beginning of a great weekend.

What made my weekend so great?
Was it that 7 months of buying and selling a house was now a reality?
Was it because I was glad to leave town?
Was it because I was happy for a new beginning?

The answer is none of those reasons made it a great weekend.
What made it a great weekend were 2 things… not listed above.

If you ever move…
move for those two things.

Both of them are biblical concepts.
Both of them bring reward.

You don’t have to look past the book of Genesis and the story of Abraham
to realize that God rewards obedience.
Its one of my favorite stories of radical obedience that God rewards.

I love my old community.
I am going to miss it.
But I love my new community.
I am excited to see what God is going to do in it.

The beautiful thing about community is this…
you never really leave real community.
You take it with you.
Either in your heart… memory… or physically.

I plan on keeping in touch with my friends… they will always be a part of my community.
I will always love them…
that’s what makes them community.

I’m super excited about my new community of friends…
they are part of the reason we moved…
and obedience.

When God says “go”…
you go.

Don’t procrastinate obedience.
If you aren’t a part of a community…
procrastinate no longer.

What is your favorite thing about community?


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