awareness Awareness is everywhere…
every since ribbons started popping up all over the place.

The ribbons above each represent awareness.
The first one… autism.
The second one… breast cancer.
The third… human trafficking.

All of these are great causes.
They represent things that everyone needs to be aware of.
That is what awareness is all about.

Levels of awareness vary.
Usually people that have been affected by something
are much more knowledgable about that thing than others.
Their awareness has been elevated…
and often times they seek to elevate the awareness of others.

I believe procrastinators  that wrestle with living for today can learn a lot from simple awareness.
As we strive to live for today… and not put it off… we must be aware of the God that we seek to serve.

He is everywhere…
we just have to open our hearts.

Habakkuk 2:14 says…
For as the waters fill the sea,
    the earth will be filled with an awareness
    of the glory of the Lord.

The earth is aware of His glory…
so should we.

There are a few things the we can do to increase awareness of the glory of God…
Witness (this includes serving).
Study His Word.
If we do these five things consistently…
our awareness of His glory will be elevated in our lives.

All five are things that cannot be procrastinated if we truly desire to be aware of the glory of God.

All five of these things are difficult to do… which one do you struggle with the most?

Do you have an awareness ribbon?  If so… which one?  If no… which one do you want?


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