Now What…

Raise_Sandy_HookWe will never forget that day.
We will never forget the name… Sandy Hook Elementary.
We will never forget Newtown, Connecticut.

26 young lives… gone.
Just like that.
It still hurts.
It will always hurt.

I’ve tried to avoid it.
I haven’t even talked to my kids about it yet.
They need to know.
But how… how do I even begin?
Well… this isn’t a post about how to talk to your kids…
there are smarter people than I writing blogs about that.

This is a post about now.
Now what…
What do we do now?
Do we put armed police officers in our schools?
Do we make guns illegal?
Do we homeschool our children?

First of all… we cannot react in fear.
In my opinion… if we do… the sickos like Adam Lanza win.
We cannot let them win or they will come out of the woodwork.

So then what do we do?
We love our kids.
We teach our kids what love is.
We show them how to love others… even the Adam Lanzas in this world.

This world will never be the same.
December 14th, 2012 changed the world forever.
Sending our kids to school will never be the same.
This past Monday… I hugged my 1st grader tighter than I did on Friday.
This past Monday… I kissed her 5 more times than I did on Friday…
then again on Tuesday…
and again today…
and I am sure again tomorrow…
and I am sure for the rest of her life.
As long as she is in school…
and as long as she allows me to.

I am so sorry for the parents that lost their babies on that awful day.
Its not fair.
It hurts.
It always will.

A few weeks back I went to a funeral for a 15 year old boy.
At the graveside they played a song… a song that has been ringing
through my head since Friday.

I’d like to share it with you…
its about childhood.
Never forget the innocence of childhood…
two of my favorite lines in this song go like this…
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh.

Never forget those days when you chased the clouds.
Never yell at your kids for chasing the clouds.
Those are the days of innocence…
the days that were tragically stolen on that awful day at Sandy Hook.

This song is by Kenny Loggins…
you may want to grab a tissue.

Don’t procratinate love… and always remember your innocence.
Those two things will never take the pain away…
but they will help us make the world a better place.

Now What…

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