Clocks… Timing… and Rejoicing

The biggest clock that I have ever seen in person is Big Ben.
I have pictures but they’re buried in boxes somewhere.
The one above will have to do.

When I saw Big Ben… all I could think of was how big it was.
But there is a much greater lesson there…
It’s a lesson that I am not sure that I could ever fully understand.

It’s the lesson that there is a much lager clock than Big Ben…
or even the Abraj Al Bait Towers in Saudi Arabia.
The clock that I speak of keeps God’s timing.

I don’t care how old you are…
God’s timing is something that has the ability to crush you…
but also has the ability to lift you up to larger than life status.

There are moments when the circumstances around us cause us to question God’s timing.
There are moments when the circumstances around us cause us to rejoice in God’s timing.

My challenge to you today is no matter which circumstance you find yourself in…
that you rejoice… because God’s timing is better than no timing at all.

I have a plethora of stories on both ends of the spectrum…
and that is just from this past weekend!!!

Life can be a roller coaster.
Trust God.

It’s in the rejoicing that you can enjoy that roller coaster called “Life”.

Don’t procrastinate rejoicing…
because we will never understand God’s Timing…
so we may as well rejoice.

Challenge for your day:
Smile… because it’s a lot harder to to rejoice without it.

What helps you rejoice in the most difficult parts of God’s timing?

Clocks… Timing… and Rejoicing

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