The “Mark” Approach

I have a friend named Mark.
He is the type that doesn’t like to be recognized.
So I have my hesitations in titling this post The “Mark” Approach…

I look up to Mark.
He’s a solid example to others on how to be a true “follower of Jesus”.

In a world where power is envied…
Mark denies it.

The other day I was doing some driving…
when I drive…
I think and I pray.

This particular day I thought about my friend Mark…
I’ve known of many occasions when Mark was nominated
for positions of authority by his peers.
Every time… Mark turns down the nomination.

Mark enjoys being an influence.
But Mark recognizes something extremely valuable in leadership.
It’s not always the position that gives you influence.
Influence is invaluable…. and my friend Mark understands that.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a great opportunity in working with my friends at One Hope United.
I love that place.
I was there visiting with some key leaders last week and I discovered something…
Staff workers used to be allowed to take residents home for holidays and things…
now they cannot due to the risk involved for everyones well being.

This is when it hit me…
God has given me influence at OHU.
I am able to influence the kids that live there with some regulations…
but not near as many regulations as if I worked there.

When we take this approach and compare it with the Bible…
we don’t have to look far to see that its a biblical approach.

The Apostle Paul.
John the Baptist.
All men of influence… with not much position… well to start out with anyway.

The next time that you really really really want that position…
think about the influence you have…
and realize…
Influence is more valuable than the position.

I would like to thank my friend Mark for teaching me that.

If only more people took the Mark Approach…
our world would be a much better place.

What influence has God given you?
How are you using it for His glory?



The “Mark” Approach

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