Empowering vs. Enabling

Over the past month my church built me my own office.
Before… my campus pastor and I shared an office.
It got to where we both needed our own space.

I saw this as my church really caring for me.
They want me to succeed.
They want me to be effective.
They want me to do my best.

One of the things that really blessed me in this process…
was my campus pastor… Steve Upchurch.

You see… Steve didn’t just say… “yeah… build it.”
Steve grabbed a hammer.
Steve did most of the work on my office.
Steve is equipped to do carpentry… he built his own house.
But he didn’t just allow that equipping to sit there… he used it.

In using his equipping… he empowered me to use mine.
I helped with my office some… but not near as much as Steve.
The hand in the picture above is mine… (believe it or not)
I am not much of a carpenter… but I can do some cleaning.
So I cleaned.
I painted.
I even did a little texturizing.

It was important for me to work on my office.
It gives me ownership.
It gives me empowerment.
One from my church… two from my campus pastor.

Great leaders empower others.
They empower others to do the best that they can.
They empower others to know that they can.
They empower others to succeed when they can.

The question for you today is simple…
what are you empowering others to do?

The downside of empowerment is that we can empower others in a negative light.
We can empower others to be lazy.
We can empower others to make poor choices.
We can empower others to be bullies.
I believe this is called… enabling.

Today I give you one thing to procrastinate…. enabling.
And one thing to live for… empowerment.

When was the last time someone empowered you to do something?
How did they do it?
What did you do?

When was the last time you empowered someone else?
What did you do to empower them?
What did they accomplish?

Empowering vs. Enabling

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