Praying Backwards and Forwards



I really can’t stand politics.
I guess there just isn’t enough truth and transparency in politics for me.
But one thing that I really can’t stand even more than politics…
is someone telling me who I should vote for.

I have a brain.
I know my values.
I can figure it out without someone telling me who to vote for.
Maybe it’s the millennial generation in me coming out.
But one thing is for sure… we won’t tell you who to vote for here.

What we will tell you to do…
is pray.

I like to follow other blogs.
One blogger I follow is Carlos Whittaker.
Last night he promoted something that he called Praying Backwards.
It’s praying not only for the candidate that you are voting for… but the other guy too.

I didn’t attend his online event.
But I prayed… for Romney… for Obama.
After all that was the point.

Well… then I re-tweeted this….

I also tweeted this…

and this…

Do you know how difficult it is to pray in 140 characters?
Try it sometime.

The tweets I send out…
get sent to my Facebook page as well.
It didn’t take long for people to ask…
“What is Praying Backwards?
So I explained…
“It’s praying not only for the candidate that you are voting for… but the other guy too.”

But what I learned then…
was bigger than politics.

Luke 6:28 says…
Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.

If the Jesus wants us to pray for those that have hurt us…
then I am sure He wants to pray for politicians too.

Don’t procrastinate praying for others…
especially those who have hurt you.

Who is the most difficult person for you to pray for?
Now pray for them.

Praying Backwards and Forwards

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