Our Debt

My grandmother always says, “There ain’t nothin in this world that’s free.”
Grandma may not have much of an education…
but Grandma is a wise lady.

As I look at the world around me…
I notice something.
There are a lot of people that are paying a price.
It’s a price that is far too great for them to afford.
It’s the price of the wrong in this world.

I’ve learned that the wrong things that I do…
affect me…
affect those around me…
and also affects those that are around those that are around me.

The wrong things we do…
have a price.


The list could go on and on and on.
These prices are far too great.
But my debt has been paid in full.
Your debt has been paid in full!

Too many times…
we walk around with the burdens listed above.
Satan tells us…
“We’re worthless.”

Well… I have a message for Satan today…
I am bought a price!  The price of the Blood of Jesus!
My debt has been Paid In Full!
He can defeat me no more!

You are bought with price!
The price of the Blood of Jesus!
When His name is mentioned…
Satan runs!

Don’t procrastinate sending Satan running today!
You are valuable!
So valuable that Jesus’ blood has paid for all your debts.

When you feel defeated… because we all do… what gives you hope?
Share that hope with others today.

Our Debt

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