My kids are at the age when a band-aid fixes everything.
I know it won’t last.
But while it does… I will put a band-aid on every single “boo boo” that they get.
All it takes to heal them is a band-aid.

My church loves to pray for it’s people.
We never shy away from it…
it’s one of the many things I love about my church.
Yesterday at church…
I had the opportunity to pray for my pastor.
He had some pretty bad lower back pain.

Today I asked him if his back felt better…
he said, “yeah, it really does.”
Then he preceded to tell me that a couple from our church
had brought him over a contraption that is designed to help take away back pain.

God answered my prayer.
It wasn’t with some instantaneous miracle…
it was with a contraption that helps with back pain.

Many times healing doesn’t take place the way that we picture it.
For my friend Destini… I thought God would remover her cancer… and He did…
just not the way I had pictured.
He removed her cancer by calling her home to be with Him.
Today she is cancer free… in heaven.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is about a lady that was healed.
She had “an issue of blood” for twelve years.
She knew that all she had to do was touch Jesus’ robe and she would be healed.
When Jesus turned to her and said, “Who touched me?!?”
She had already been healed…
but I wonder…
did it happen they way that she had always dreamt?

My guess is that it didn’t…
but that didn’t matter…
because all she wanted was to be free.
Free from her pain…
Free from her bleeding…
Free from her sickness.

The same healing that Jesus gave her…
He gives you…
but remember…
it may not happen the way that you picture it…
but it will set you free.

Jesus told the woman…
“Her faith had healed her.”

Don’t procrastinate faith in the one that can heal you…
when He does… it will set you free.

What healing do you need today?
Remember… it may not come the way that you picture it…
but it will come.


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