My Hope for Grace

We all make them.
Some have suggested as many as 35,000 in a day.
When I asked… ChaCha
“It would be hard, if not impossible, to determine that.
Choices are made by a person every split second and at different rates.”…
was their response.

One of my goals is to get students to ask themselves…
What would God want me to choose?
In every possible situation.

I realize that in some situations…
that is not a necessary filter.
But the ones that are…
it’s imperative.

The reason is because choices have consequences.
The good ones.
The bad ones.
No choice is without a result.

We’ve all made our fair share of bad decisions.
I’ve made some of the dumbest.
Decisions that have almost gotten me kicked out of college.
Decisions that could have landed me in jail.
It’s only because of God’s grace that they didn’t.

As I think about choices…
choices that I make…
choices that others make…
it is my hope that grace appears.

Grace is beautiful.
Grace is refreshing.
Grace is not deserved.
Grace is really is amazing.

But if grace is so easy for me to receive…
why is grace so hard for me to give?

As you strive your best to live for today…
strive even harder to give grace…
even when it’s difficult.
Remember… we are all POTSC.

God does not procrastinate grace.
Why should we?

For more about God’s grace…
check out Ephesians 2.

What makes it so difficult for you to share grace with others?

My Hope for Grace

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