The Stand

I don’t hide on my blog the fact that I am a Christian.
I have Christian morals.
I have Christian standards.
I have Christian beliefs.

This is who I am.
I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I think I have tried to hide this in the past to a certain extent.
I didn’t want to step on any toes.
Always wanting to make sure that I consider the belief’s of others.
To be “open minded” if you will?

But I am learning something…
To be a Christian is not to be “open minded”.

To be a Christian is to stand…
To stand on God’s Word.
To stand on God’s Love.
To stand on God’s Grace.
To stand on God’s Sacrifice.

The problem is this…
when we stand…
we are hated.

These are Jesus’ words.
As a Christian… my utmost desire is to be like Him…
in love…
in grace…
in righteousness…
in everything.

The problem is that the world hates Him.
They hate His love…
They hate His grace…
They hate His righteousness…
They hate everything about Him.

And this is my choice…
The World.

Which brings me to a song entitled… The Stand… written by Michael W. Smith…
You stood before my failure
Carried the Cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
My soul now to stand

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I’ll walk upon salvation
Your Spirit alive in me
This life to declare Your promise
My soul now to stand

So I’ll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all

So I’ll stand
My soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is Yours.”

Either I stand with Jesus.
Or I stand with the world.
I choose Jesus.

Don’t Procrastinate the stand…
even when it’s difficult.

What is the most difficult thing about taking a stand for Jesus?

The Stand

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