Procrastinate Stealing (A response to tragedy)

Like most Americans… I arose out of my slumber having no clue
of the events that had transpired early that morning.
12 a.m… June 20th… Aurora, Colorado… A Dark Night Arose.

As I sit… it’s Saturday morning… June 21st, 2012… Southern, Illinois.
That tragically fateful morning still sends tremors of shock hundreds of miles away.
How could someone… so intelligent… do something so thoughtless?
Why did that happen?
How could God allow it to happen?

The Holocaust…
September 11, 2001.
The questions are still the same…
The same as they have always been after horrific events like this…

It’s kinda ironic…
Just last week I had a conversation on Facebook about some of these questions.
It was an open conversation with a friend I went to junior high with…
she lives in Colorado.

These are always tough questions…
and the answers don’t get any easier.

A while back I stumbled upon a video…
a video that I would like to share with you.
It’s of a guy by the name of Voddie Baucham.
He has some tough answers to these tough questions.
Please take 5 more minutes to watch this very timely video.

So there you have it…
Let’s stop procrastinate giving back the air we breathe… 
to the only One that deserves it.
Let’s live for today.

For more great thoughts on this tragic event… check out this post from a Christian mother in Theater 9 with her daughter that evening.

What are some ways that you give your breath back to God?




Procrastinate Stealing (A response to tragedy)

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