Sharing Grace

His cheesy grin.
Her toothless smile.
Their dark complexion.
Their beauty.
Their grace.

As beautiful as my kids are… sometimes I fail them.
Nothing makes me feel worse than when I fail my kids.
But when I do… they always run back to me.

When they run back to me… I ask…
What have I done to deserve such grace?

The answer every time is the same…
absolutely nothing.

Their grace illustrates to me… His grace.
I pray that my grace does the same for them as what theirs does for me.
It’s one of the beauties of the grace of God.
When we live it… He allows us to point others to Him.

Ephesians 2  teaches us that grace is a gift… a gift from God.
Gifts are meant to be given… and received.
God’s gift of grace is no different.
First you must receive it… but then… we have the opportunity to give it.

I’m grateful for grace.
It’s been given to me… by God… by my kids… my wife… my friends… my co-workers.
Their grace demands that I also give grace… not just to them… but to others.

Do not procrastinate sharing grace.
It’s not meant to be hoarded.
It’s meant to be given.

Who is someone that you struggle to give grace to?
Stop hoarding grace… and share it with them. 


Sharing Grace

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