Here at Procrastinating Tomorrow we don’t like to get to political.
I can’t stand politics.
However… I love Patriotism.
Everything our country stands for… freedom… liberty… justice… love.

One of the reasons that I can’t stand politics is because I believe that is where freedom… liberty… justice… and love begin to get cloudy.
It amazes me that when people start sharing opinions about what makes America beautiful… those things we stand for…we forget about what America is supposed to be about.

Our opinion becomes freedom.
Our opinions becomes liberty.
Our opinion becomes justice.
Our opinions becomes love.

What has happened to the liberty and justice for all?
What has happened to the republic for which our flag stands?
What has happened to One Nation Under God?

In a very political year… I choose NOT to be political… but to be patriotic.
Patriotism stands for the values that our nation was founded on.
Patriotism forgets about who’s opinion is right or wrong and miraculously finds commonality.
Patriotism stands together.
Patriotism fights for each other.

This is why I love Independence Day… because it’s NOT political… it’s patriotic.
As American’s all over the country sat under the fireworks last night…
they weren’t thinking about the upcoming election…
healthcare reform…
the right to marry…
or even the economy.

The were thinking about the beauty.
The beauty of America.

Jesus was not a selfish man.
In the book of Matthew chapter 16 he encourages us to turn from our selfish ways.
The second part of what Jesus says is what we really have a hard time with… following Him.

I like to think following Jesus is patriotic.
He stood for all those things that I mentioned before…

Just because Jesus’ idea of those things don’t look like mine or yours… doesn’t mean he didn’t stand for them.
Then again… just because Republican or Democrats ideas of those things doesn’t match mine or yours doesn’t mean they don’t stand for them either.

Let’s get past our own opinions on these things… and think about others… the way Jesus did.

Don’t Procrastinate Patriotism.
Patriotism doesn’t just live for the 4th of July.
Patriotism lives for today.

Do you enjoy politics?

What do you enjoy about politics?

What drives you crazy about politics?


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