Being More Like Jesus

Sunday night I had the privilege and honor of baptizing my baby girl.
People have asked me time and time again… “How did that feel?”.
I’ve thought a lot about that question…
My conclusion is words could never express how that felt.

Joy doesn’t describe it because it’s more than that.
Elation doesn’t describe it because it’s greater than that.
Happy doesn’t describe it because that’ just not enough.
Excitement doesn’t describe it because I know this isn’t the tip of the iceberg for her… although… it’s pretty darn close.

Anna’s baptism signifies her obedience.
Not to me… to her Creator.
The opportunity to assist her in taking that step was overwhelming.
Although I would argue… it’s an opportunity that I had before I immersed her in water.
Assisting our children to follow Jesus is something we cannot afford to procrastinate.

My pastor always says that there are many things that Jesus did on earth that I cannot do.
Healed the sick.
Walked on water.
Died for mankind.
But one thing Jesus did that I can do is get baptized.

Matthew 3:13
13 Then Jesus went from Galilee to the Jordan River to be baptized by John.

When I think about how I feel about baptizing Anna…
words could never express how I feel.
Baptizing my little girl assisted her in being more like Jesus.
There’s no greater feeling than that.
Besides… here face tells it all…

Don’t procrastinate helping your kids be like Jesus… not just in baptism… but in living.

What are some things that you do to make you feel more like Jesus?

Being More Like Jesus

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