Press On

A few weeks ago I wrote about Run It Forward and how they inspired me.
Well… I am happy to report that I have not stopped running.
I completed the Insanity program and I have moved on to more consistent running.
I’ve begun my running regiment with the Couch to 5K program to work up my endurance.
Currently I am in week 5 out of 8 weeks.
If it works… in 3 more weeks I will be able to run a 5K without taking a break to walk.

When I first started running more regularly I noticed something…
pain… specifically in my knees and sometimes hips.
I asked my friends that run….
“What could be causing my knees to hurt so bad?”
The first question many asked me was…
“How are your shoes”
Well… my answer to that was “they are very old”.
The conclusion was to buy new shoes and even some inserts for them.
So I did that.

Still… I had pain in my knees and sometimes my hips.
Sunday night I went for a 4 mile run / walk… I was not feeling it.
I ended up not doing much running that night.
But the next day my legs killed me.
So I took a day to rest.

Tuesday my legs felt good.
They had a day of rest.
I decided to go for a run.
Like Forest Gump… I started running… and running… and running.
Okay… so not really like Forest Gump because I only ran 4.75 miles.
But it was the longest solo run I have completed.
It felt good.
The next day… my legs were sore.
Today… my legs feel better.

My conclusion about my knee pain… my legs just need to get stronger.
I have NEVER been a runner… NEVER.
I played offensive line on the football team in high school.
Most people that “like to run” ran cross country… they certainly weren’t on the offensive line.
As my legs strengthen… the more I will be able to run.

All this is teaching me…
teaching me about health and fitness…
but also teaching me about myself…
what I am capable of…
as well as teaching me about endurance.

The Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Philippians 3:14…
 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. 

Pressing on is not easy.
It can be painful.
But when it’s painful… that is where there is the most reward.

I have a goal with my running…
I want to run a half marathon.
Its a tough goal.
Its gonna be painful getting there.
But if I run for a reason… I won’t get so distracted… and I will be able to press on.
You see… I want to use the half marathon to raise money to fight child abuse.
Two programs I will be running for… One Hope United…. and my church’s Seeds of Faith Camp.
We will see how it goes… all I have to do is press on.

Don’t procrastinate pressing on.

When do you struggle the most with pressing on?

What helps you fight through it?


Press On

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