The Balancing Act of Involvement

This morning the kids and I were on our way to day care.
I had to make a phone call.
It was for work to find out if I had to be out at our main branch this morning.
Our church’s teen camp is quickly approaching and we have some things we are still putting together.
One of those things is a superhero themed comic book / devotional book for the week.
We need to do a photo shoot for it… youth pastors dressed as superheroes… fun times.

I found out that we are going to do our photo shoot tomorrow.
It was a quick phone call.
But what I didn’t realize was what was going on in the seat behind me.
Ears… 6 year old ears… listening.
She picks up everything.
When I put my phone down… Anna says, “what photo shoot are you going to do, Daddy?”

I said… “well… we just have to take some pictures for camp.”
She said… “Oh… superhero pictures.”
I said… “Anna… you know what’s going on in Daddy’s life don’t you?”
In her innocent little 6 year old voice she answered… “yeah”.

This dialogue made me feel really good.
I felt like I am doing my job as a father.
I don’t have anything to hide from my family.
It’s important that they are kept in the loop on what’s going on in my life.
My personal life.
My work life.
My home life.

But then there are things that my 4 and 6 year olds do not need to know.
Things like the disagreement I had with my boss.
Things like the disagreement mommy and I had.
Things like the things that I struggle with.
There are some phone calls that my kids do not need to hear.
Phone calls that I need to be a lone to make.

My kids knowledge of what is going on in my life is important.
My kids lack of knowledge of some things in my life is also important.
The answer is in the balance.

How do I know when to make that call with my kids in the car?
How do I know when to involve my children?

Part of this answer is in always involving my wife.
She is much smarter than I am.
She knows when my kids will freak.
She knows when my kids are being spoiled.
My wife is involved in everything in my life.
When I start making phone calls that my wife “doesn’t need to know about”…
thats when I am in trouble… unless of course it’s about a Christmas present that’s FOR HER.

Don’t procrastinate the balancing act of involvement.
Involve your spouse in every aspect of your life and…
know when to procrastinate involving your kids.

What are some ways that you and your spouse involve each other in every aspect of life?

The Balancing Act of Involvement

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