A Brother’s Bond

Yesterday I did something that my wife hates…
I picked up a hitch hiker.
She insists that this will be the cause of my death someday.
I don’t do it as often as I used to… because I love my wife.

This guy looked pretty normal.
Judging by his beard… I could tell he had been on the road for awhile.
I felt bad that I could only take him up the road one exit…
but I figured every little bit helped… so i picked him up.

I asked him where he was headed…
He said Charleston, Illinois.
His name was Jared.
He had been hitch hiking coast to coast.
His journey brought him to Illinois to meet his dad…
then his dad was giving him a ride back to Nebraska.

In the brief time between exits that we had…
I searched for an opportunity…
an opportunity to tell him about Jesus.
As I do with all the hitch hikers I pick up.
In my search for opportunity…  I decided to not allow him the opportunity
to ask The Dreaded Question.
So I told him.
His response…
“So you’re a believer.”
My response… “Yes sir.”
That is when he shared with me the opportunities he has had
to share his faith over the past two months.

We had a bond.
A bond as brothers.

As I pulled away… I thought about the brothers I had just left about 15 minutes
prior to picking this guy up.
They are in a band that we had just had at our church on Wednesday night.
Go check out there music… you will be blessed.
The problem with music online… is you cannot see their heart.
The guys in Finding Favour have hearts of gold.
Which is why I knew I could call them.

I called my friend Dustin… that’s in the band… I told him of my new found hitch hiker friend.
I made a request… because I knew they were headed in the same direction.
I hung up the phone with him not knowing if they were going to pick him up.
10 minutes later my phone rang…
It was my friend Dustin… “Adam… what was that guy’s name?”
ME: “Jared.”
Dustin: “He have a bandana on?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Dustin: “Are you Jared?”
Jared: “Uh… yeah?”
Dustin: “Jump in… we’ll give you a ride.”
Jared: “Oh… do you know Adam?”
Dustin: “Yeah”
ME: Thanks man.  Later.

Later that evening I saw this on Finding Favour’s Facebook page.

We all had a bond…
a brother’s bond…
because we are all sons of a King…

I believe this is the fulfillment of God’s promise…
His promise to Abram in Genesis 17.
A brother’s bond is a beautiful thing.

I believe it’s about time that we stop procrastinating that bond…
and start treating each other like family…
like family we love. 

When was the last time you experienced the joys of being apart of  the family of God?
God gave you that experience for you to share it… this is your opportunity.
Please share.

A Brother’s Bond

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