The Process of Life

There was this saying that my father had as I grew up…
“Son, you can listen and learn… or you can live and learn.”
I hated it.

Maybe I hated it because I enjoyed the living.
Maybe I hated it because it was coming from my father.
Maybe I hated it because it was true.

Well… I hate to admit it… but Dad… I am still learning this lesson to this day.
I have to.
I have to because I must learn from the mistakes that I make.
I can’t afford to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

This past Saturday was one of those days.
I made a mistake… on my wife’s birthday of all days.
I didn’t know it was a mistake when I did… but I do now.

My wife loves to shop.
I thought it would be a great birthday present to take her shopping…
have her pick out what it is that she wants for her birthday.
She seemed to think it was a good idea too…
until we were shopping.

Here is the way the rest of our day sounded:
ME: “Hey babe… I like this… you should get this.”
TANYA:“No… that’s okay… I have something that looks like that.”
ME:“Well let’s look for those rainbow color New Balances that you want.”
TANYA: “Eh… I don’t know… I guess so.”

ME: “Good news… there is a new balance store outside the mall… we can go there.”
Tanya: “Okay sounds good.”

We pull up to the store… Tanya runs in.
Text message from Tanya: “BINGO!”
My reply: “WOOOOOO  HOOOOOOO!!! Thank you Jesus!”
Next text message from Tanya: “If only someone will wait on me.”
I decide to walk in and check out their men’s selection.
Finally… we get help.
Employee: “Ma’am… I know that it says Womens Running Shoe there but actually those are the Mens.”
Me: UGH!!!
Employee: Those are actually not being made anymore… come back around Christmas… we usually release them around then… people love them.”
Me: UGH!!!

On our way out of the store… we were bummed.
We continued shopping only to come up empty.

Fast forward to the end of our night.
Tanya and I went on a date to see the Hunger Games.
We loved it.
Then we went shopping… again.
First Kohl’s… she found some pants… yay!

We get in the car and I say…
Me:“I’m taking you to Wal-Mart.”
“I’m buying you an iPad… I know it’s expensive… but we can afford it.”
Tanya: “I don’t know that is what I want. I have talked with some people that don’t like em.”
Me: “UGH!!!  Then let’s get you a Kindle Fire.”
Tanya:  “I don’t know… they are expensive.”
Me: “You deserve expensive.”

I finally won.
She was happy.
I was happy.
But the process was not pleasant.
It sucked.
Next year… I am going straight to expensive… by myself… because she is worth it.
And because she won’t go there on her own.

We have to learn from the process… the process called life.
It’s not always pleasant… it’s not meant to be.
However… it is meant to be learned from.

Don’t procrastinate the process of life.

What was the last life lesson you learned from?

Please share. 

Also see what Paul had to say to Timothy about this in 2 Timothy 3.


The Process of Life

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