Something to Procrastinate

I’m just as tired of the Trayvon Martin chatter as the next person.
But I admit… it has had me thinking… a lot.

I don’t want this post to come off as insensitive.
I understand…
the reason this story is getting so much chatter is because it’s an emotional case…
and it’s emotional because I think people can see themselves in this case…
people see themselves in this case because people have been hurt by it.
We have all been hurt.

Today… I simply want to ask a question.
George Zimmerman was arrested yesterday for the murder of Trayvon Martin…

he has not been tried in court yet.
However… in the court of public opinion… he has.

So here is my question…
Say George Zimmerman posts bail… he chooses to visit your church this Sunday.
How is he received by…
your fellow church goers?
your leadership?

I do not know exactly what happened the night of February 26, 2012.
I do know that our system claims that people are “innocent until proven guilty”.
But I also know our human tendencies…
Our human tendencies are to not procrastinate judgement….
but rather to judge immediately.

Maybe some things… some things… need to be procrastinated.
Judgement is one of them.

Here is how God’s Word puts it…

Psalm 75:2
 2 “When I choose a time, 
I will judge fairly. 

Today… you have my permission… procrastinate judgement.
It’s what you would want if you were awaiting trial.

How would your church respond to George Zimmerman? 

Let the chatter continue…

Something to Procrastinate

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