Find Your One

This week in Southern Illinois many schools are on Spring Break.
Spring Break has always been the beginning of the end of the school year… a time to celebrate.
When I was in high school… 13 years ago… students were going to the beaches of Florida.
Students are still going to the beaches of Florida for Spring Break.
Many Spring Breakers travel hundreds of miles away without any supervision.

This reminds me of a tradition that I have read about that goes on in Australia.
It’s called Schoolies Week.
Schoolies Week is a week of indulgence… or gluttony.
Schoolies are students that are graduating high school and taking celebrating it.
It’s like a right of passage to graduation.

Schoolies week is a dark place.
All apart of Schoolies Week.
All apart of Spring Break as well.

In his book The Gutter … Author Craig Gross says “Don’t blame the dark for being dark. Blame the light for not shinning on the dark.
Where there is darkness… it is our job as Christians to shine.
This is why I love The Red Frog Chaplaincy Network based in Australia.
Founded in 1997… by Andy Gourley… a youth pastor that saw the need for light to shine in a dark place known as Schoolies Week.
Armed with an Australian candy called Allen’s Red Frogs… a tasty gummy treat… and love… he attacked the darkness.

The Red Frog Crew continues to shine in darkness.
They usually have a little over 600 volunteers during this one week.
They entertain.
They knock on hotel doors just to make sure everything is okay.
They cook pancakes.
They clean up barf.
They walk Schoolies back to their hotel after a night of drunkeness.
All in the name of Jesus Christ.

Red Frogs inspire me.
Their mission that they repeat over and over again throughout the week….
“Find your one.”
That one person that needs your love… find them… love them.

Jesus told a parable about a man in Matthew 18 that lost a sheep.
The point was that there is value in the one.

If you are a Schoolie… a Red Frog… or a Spring Breaker… you have value.
You are worth too much to be hugging a toilet at 2 o’clock in the morning.
You are worth more than one night.
You are worth more than a hangover.
1 Corinthians 6:20 tells us that we are bought with a price.
That price was paid with the blood of Jesus.
That’s why the Red Frogs do what they do?

So how about you… who are you investing in?
This week… if you are on the beaches in Florida… or in the grocery store at home… find your one.
Invest in them… love them… and care for them… just as Jesus would.

If you are a Spring Breaker… check out some valuable information from the Red Frog Crew:

Tips to survive Spring Break 

Common myths about Schoolies or Spring Break

Don’t Procrastinate finding someone to invest in… now go… find your one.

Find Your One

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