The Best Anna Story Ever

The picture above is my daughter Anna with two of her friend’s Kameron and Kaylee at church.
I love how my church does kid’s ministry.
I know that my kids are being taught in kid’s church the same things we are teaching them at home.
When I chose to send my kids to public school… I realized they would be
taught some things I don’t agree with.
That is okay with me.
I know that I am going to take them to a place where they will be taught things I do agree with.
Not to mention I am going to instill things in their lives to teach them at home.

Teaching spiritual truth begins at home.
It has to.
Parents… please… do us a favor… don’t put it all on your church to teach your kids the truth of God’s Word.
You are with them more than their youth pastor is… you are much more effective.

A few weeks back Anna began asking spiritual questions.
You know… “Why did Jesus die?” type questions.
We knew she was getting close… close to taking that leap… that leap into arms that are much stronger than her Daddy’s.
I was almost 5 years old when I took that leap… young… really young.
I know that I meant it… I know that those arms that I jumped into still hold me to this day.
But when it’s your kid… it’s different.
You desperately want them to take that leap… but you want it to be perfect… in their own timing.

Well… Anna’s time came.
Two weeks ago… we were at church…
she told our  Kid’s Director she wanted to give her heart to Jesus.
There were 7 other girls that wanted to do the same thing.
The Kids director… Michelle… asked how they wanted to say the prayer…
out loud… repeating after her… how?
Anna said… “I wanna say it in my heart.”

Anna knew that her belief in Jesus had to come from her heart.
That’s where she wanted it.
I believe that’s where it was.

Proverbs 27:19 says…
  As a face is reflected in water, 
      so the heart reflects the real person. 

We pray that Anna’s faith will be who she is.
We pray that Anna grows in her faith.
But it’s not enough to only pray… we also have to continue teaching.

Teaching Biblical truth to our kids cannot be procrastinated.
It must be daily.
It must be intentional.
It must to consistent.

Don’t procrastinate teaching your kids about Jesus and He won’t procrastinate saving them.

What is your heart reflecting about you today?

What is keeping you from leaping into the arms of Jesus?
If you jump… I promise… He will catch you and hold you for the rest of your life.

The Best Anna Story Ever

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