Thank You Wal-Mart

I’ve have had numerous jobs in my 31 years.
It all began when I was 13 and I worked in the cornfields of Illinois as a detasseler….
Never heard of it?
Well here… check out a quick “how to” video….

I did that for a full summer when I was 13.
Back when$5 an hour was a fortune.

That was only the beginning… the beginning of a lifetime of work.
Out of the jobs that I have possessed… one has earned me an affectionate nickname from my wife….
“Deli Boy”
We’ll be at the store… “Hey Deli-Boy… go get us some meat from the deli.”
She claims she doesn’t “speak deli” like I do.

The deli that I worked at was in a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Sparta, Illinois.
I worked there for 9 months.
Whenever I see things like this….


It takes me back to those not so glorious days.

Yesterday I received a check in the mail.
I had no idea why I had received it or what to do with it.
Turns out it was a check from a settlement made between Wal-Mart and it’s associates between the years 2006 to 2009.
It wasn’t much… less than $20.
That’s what happens when you divide millions of dollars between hundreds of people.
Plus the fact that I only worked there for 9 months.

Well.. thanks to Wal-Mart….
I introduce you to…. .

The check almost covers the cost of registering my own domain with wordpress… so I did.
I have procrastinated it long enough… I got by with a site for as long as I could…
now… we’re going to another level.

I hope you join us.

What are some crazy jobs that you have had?

Thank You Wal-Mart

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