“Get Under My Feet”

I believe God is huge.
So huge… He doesn’t fit in a box.
So huge… that I actually believe Ephesians 3:20 is true….
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Yesterday I saw God’s mighty power work within us.
It’s something that I will never forget.

We had a lady that attends our church stop by for prayer.
She wanted to pray for her niece… her niece that is an addict.
An addict for 10 years… she’s 25.
She had dropped her off at home and had a feeling that she was going to go and use.
Her aunt turned to the only Person she knew to turn to…. God Almighty.

We prayed with her.
We poured out to God on her niece’s behalf.
We begged.
We cried.
We screamed with passion.
As this woman prayed she said…
“God we ask You to place Satan under her feet”

We knew God was going to answer our cry.
10 minutes later… He did.
A text message from her niece…
“Come and get me before I do something I don’t want to do.”
Praise Jesus!

Myself… My campus pastor… his wife… and the aunt… all went.
It was an intervention in a sense.
She needed us.
We were there for her.

She got home shortly after we had.
We hugged.
We cried.
We talked.

She told us she got out her phone to text her supplier.
Then she heard something in her mind…
The exact same words that her aunt had prayed for her.
But she had no idea.
The girl knew what she had to do… get help.
That is when she sent the text message to her aunt.

 We showed up for an intervention… but God had already done the work.
Sometimes ministry brings us to a place when we must get our sandals dirty… just like Jesus did.
Yesterday was a day we got our sandals dirty… but we didn’t do any of the work.
Jesus had already don it.

Don’t procrastinate getting your feet dirty.
But remember… you do zero percent of the work.
The work was done when Jesus said… “It is finished.”
Let Jesus do the work… He won’t disappoint you. 

If you are an addict… don’t procrastinate getting help.
The work Jesus did… was for you… just as much as it was for me.

When was the last time God did work for you?
Please share.

“Get Under My Feet”

5 thoughts on ““Get Under My Feet”

  1. Anna Corley says:

    Awesome and Praise God. I lost my job and we were hurting asking family they came thru but we are married and asking for help was not the most favorite thing to do….so we prayed and prayed and finally got a call and i was hired at a hospital with many opprotunities for my future…praise God…

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